Providing efficient & simple solutions for the complex commerce world

Inspired by the evolving payment technology and digitalization of daily life, Horizon is founded by a group of professionals and experts from the forefront of paytment industry with the insight beyond the traditional way of serving merchants and other stake holders in the process of payment.

In Horizon technology, our target is to build a platform linking and empowering all different parties to transform their business.

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How we make your business grow

We help extend and build your Customer Base

Horizonpay helps you retain more customers through flexible means of payment and automatic settlement.

We help to increase your Productivity through Collaboration

Horizonpay simplifies doing business by providing tailored made payment solutions through our collaboration.

We make you become more informed and value driven

We identify all the ins and outs of your company's processes and profer solutions for you to make important business decisions.

We improve your interactions with your Customers

We provide a wealth of solutions for putting customers at the center of everything you do.


Retail Payment Services

Horizonpay facilitates cashless payments in every field of retail – locally and across borders. We work with retail businesses of all types and sizes – from local stores to international chains. We also provide everything you need to manage your cashless payments – from a simple stand-alone terminal, to a fully-integrated, multi-channel, multi-currency payment infrastructure.

At the point of sales, we help you deliver a quick, slick, highly secure payment experience. And behind the scenes you can rely on our reporting and reconciliation services, as well as the prompt settlement of your funds.

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Seamless Integrations between your Business & Payment

HorizonPay, target to provide with most efficient & affordable tailored payment solutions. We offer the widest range of smart terminals, which combine cutting-edge technologies with the highest security requirements and can be paired with POS management services. Compliant with all local regulations, they enable all cashless payment methods and cater for any industry.

Whatever your payment needs, we have a solution for you.

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In HorizonPay, our target is to improve the experience in payment process of our daily life by making use of the latest technologies.